The Vision


Lion = land of ancient Babylon = Iraq/Syria

Iraq made to stand like a man, not a beast, and given a man's heart - dictator overthrown and democracy forced upon it by military of USA/UK 2003-2011. Attempted the same in Syria but failed 2012-2013. Caliphate will begin to be reborn here. FULFILLED June 29, 2014 - ISIS could not be stopped from Conquering and Caliphate was established

Bear = land of ancient Medo-Persia = Iran

There are 3 ribs telling it to rise and strike. Is this the Kurds (Media), Shia in Iraq and in Syria? Or Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia (see Dan. 8)?
Iran will invade the Middle East. Perhaps under the auspices of overthrowing ISIS, but it escalates into full Shia vs Sunni War for the Caliphate crown. Iran will "take peace (of mind) from the earth".

Leopard = land of ancient Javan = Turkey leading coalition of Sunni Islamic nations

Turkey leads the counterattack and defeats Iran and claims leadership the Caliphate. Brings time of economic collapse as the strong and legitimized Caliphate will now control up to 80% of global oil supply. It will literally redraw the map and rewrite the rules.

10 horns on last beast = leaders of new globally recognized Islamic government (Caliphate). Little Horn (Antichrist) rises on this last beast

Death and Sheol make a pact with Israel over Jerusalem - specifically the Temple Mount; thus begins the first half of the final 7 years. Brings time of famines, pestilence, earthquakes, "kingdom against kingdom"; IE the beginnings of sorrows Jesus warned us about.

The Call

War is upon us.
The Church, especially in the West, is retreating not advancing.
Islam is Satan’s religion and weapon against God’s people. Its spirit is tangible even among world leaders: heavy and oppressive, intimidating and cowing. The very sprit of Antichrist.
It will NOT be a revolution of “politics” or “culture” or “society”, but rather an army of Elijahs facing down the gathering Darkness until the day when the Light Himself sits in Jerusalem to rule the nations.
In full knowledge that we can do nothing in our own power, the time for “Christian Radicalization” has arrived and we are called to Revolt.

Command Structure

Jesus the Messiah is our only King/Commander in Chief.
The Holy Spirit is our Central Intelligence Agency.
The Father’s Will is all we advance.
We are a worldwide army of peers – one Body with various functions.
WingsOfTheEagle was created for the express purpose of facilitating the communication and networking needs of the leaders of this End-Time Revolution.
Qualifications to be a leader: “If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.”

How to Fight the Enemy

The enemy is not other people, but Satan and his supernatural army of world powers. Our weapons are not of the flesh, but we are fighting a very real war in the spirit realm.
The Enemy must be resisted and engaged at all levels, even in our own individual flesh. Examples of resistance include Witnessing, Exhortation and Deliverance.
The way of the Cross is the way of suffering and Martyrdom. Loving not our lives to the death is how we will Overcome.
The orders of our Lord to preach the Gospel to the lost are non-negotiable. Even the enemies of God on earth must be offered repentance and salvation. The worst-case scenario is not your death with Jesus, it is their death without Him.
If we embrace nationalism or self-preservation, we lose our prophetic voice and will fall. This is a Revolution within all nations, but not of or for any nation, and not for ourselves.

Proclamations of the Revolution:

We strive to be totally committed, set apart in holiness, now and in the time the Lord described as “unlike anything that has happened from the beginning of the world until now, or ever will happen.”
We boldly proclaim that the Church will face the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation and are working in strategic expectation of those days.
We are prepared to bring our Witness before kings and rulers, come what may.
We commit to assisting any fellow Christian who is being persecuted due to their faith. We will not only pray for them, but provide for their physical needs.

Implementation Steps

Organize into units based on geography and specialty (talents).
Get introduced to, or become, a National or Regional coordinator. There are currently over 500 spread over 23 nations on theFellowship Directory. Meet with others as often as possible for fellowship and for the Holy Spirit to work with us as a team.
Acquire donations of finances, places of refuge, land.

Step out in Faith to be the man or woman of God that He has always called you to be.

​The Destiny of the final generation of the Saints of God is near...

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