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Dear Muslim Friend seeks to answer the basic questions Muslims are commonly asking about Christianity. These include: Hasn't the Bible been changed? How could Isa [Jesus] be the Son of God? Didn't someone else die on the cross instead of Isa [Jesus]? Misunderstanding on these and related issues continues to feed the misconception that cloud East and West relations. This book is designed to provide answers in an easily-understood format. More importantly, it sheds light on God's truth as it relates to the salvation God offers to all people. Table of Contents: Arabic Words Used A Letter to My Friends Why Conflict? Answers to Questions: 1. Is the Bible (Tawrat, Zabur, Injil) Trustworthy? 2. Who Is Isa [Jesus] and What Did He Do? 3. What Is the Relationship Between Christianity and Islam? 4. What Are Christian Beliefs and Practices? Conclusion Additional Resources

Dear Muslim Friend

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