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Jacob's Refuge:
the next steps

Jacob's Trouble is coming soon...

If God gave us eyes to see, ears to hear

Would we rally when Trouble came creeping near?

A Trouble whose ravenous, bestial gaze 

Scorched seekers who pondered it from a mere page


A Trouble whose lone shadow shook and divided

Students of scripture who could be united

To stand in the gap before history collided


A Trouble with gaze fixed on one single place 

On a people whom many have sought to erase

And others have greedily sought to replace


And when one day it strikes, it will crush, decimate

All but a remnant whose flight will create

Sore need of a refuge, a vast secret store 

A hiding place built by wise hands long before


Built by scholars and wanderers, outcasts and dreamers

By skeptics, romantics, by prophets and thinkers

By scientists, plumbers, by doctors and singers

So come, Lovers of Jesus.  And bring all your fingers.  


Does this speak to you? Then follow up and get ready to work. Prayer is always requested but this is for putting practical feet to our faith. We are actively in need of doctors, nurses and farmers. No matter how you can help, only submit the form below if you are committed to regular video calls with the team. 

*An email will be sent to you immediately upon submission of this form. Please check your spam/junk folder to take the next step*

I want to help build Jacob's Refuge!

Our team will be in touch! God bless you!

Support Jacob's Refuge with official clothing/merchandise. 
Choose one of the designs below to browse products:/merchandise. 

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Read and Download our free publication below on the "Righteous Gentiles" of the last century and the need for more soon:
Build a "Bug Out Bag" for a Jewish family in the future or for yours today!

Jacob's Refuge is a Multi-denominational project founded by biblically ordained ministers of the gospel and overseen by local church pastors. Maranatha!

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