Old City Outline

Projects that your financial support

will help to complete ASAP:

Book to be completed, edited and published by August, 2019: "FLEE TO THE MOUNTAINS". The Scriptural case for the Church’s role during the Great Tribulation/Jacob's Trouble. Feeding Israel during their flight from the Antichrist. 

Film #1 "CROSSROADS". Partnering with Dana Crosby of Wisdom Calls. A documentary journey on a quest for the truth about the Rapture and proper End Time understanding featuring Joel Richardson. More filming, editing and post-production before release, prayerfully by end of 2019.

Film #2 "TEARS OF JIHAD". Partnering with Daniel Secomb of Israel, Islam and End Times. A documentary of the history and future of Jihad featuring Robert Spencer and Dr. Bill Warner. Filming complete, post-production needed before release, late 2019.