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Our purpose is to awaken the Church to biblical signs of impending end times and to prepare God’s people for deception and persecution

It is our conviction that:   

The Church is asleep and needs to awaken to the impending signs of the end times given by Jesus (Olivet Discourse), as well as by Daniel (Chapter 8: Invasion by Iran, etc.), John (Revelation); and the other Prophets of the Bible.
The Church is being deceived by current “false prophets” and is vulnerable to coming false messiahs.
The Church is being deceived and lulled to sleep by false teaching, i.e., Pre-Tribulation Rapture, Replacement Theology, a Prosperity Gospel and Allegorical Interpretations.
The Church is unaware of the growing Islamic Kingdom leading to an Islamic Antichrist.


The Church needs teaching on upcoming prophecy fulfillment.
The Church needs to prepare for the inescapable, soon-coming persecution, including martyrdom, culminating in the Great Tribulation.
The Church needs to equip its pastors and other leaders to develop intentional relationships for fellowship designed to encourage and support one another for the coming tribulation.
The Church needs to teach the flock of God to wake-up and get ready for Jesus!

We Affirm Our Commitments to:

Remaining in active Fellowship in a local or online Church.
Praying and a having a humble walk.
Preaching the Gospel to the lost.
Loving the Jews and Israel emotionally and practically.
Serving the needs of our Persecuted Christian brothers and sisters worldwide.
Glorifying God in all that we do.

06 jul 2024, 12:00 GMT-4
Online Conference
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