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Christopher Mantei is:

a disciple of Jesus, Married, father of 2 boys. Born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, now happily lives in the Philadelphia area. He felt a calling from the Lord at 8 years old to serve Him and love His Return. Christopher has been immersed in God's Word - particularly the prophetic scriptures - for the past 30 years. He has experienced Church in the Catholic, Protestant, and non-denominational traditions. Currently serving as Senior Pastor of the revolutionary online Endtime Church, he has preached to thousands from the pulpit and through online courses like “The End Times For Beginners”. He is President of “Wings Of The Eagle” - a bold online Ministry dedicated to Connecting the Church worldwide, saving Israel and preaching the Gospel to Muslims. He is the author of the book on the Church’s responsibility to Israel during Daniel’s 70th Week called “Flee To The Mountains”. Christopher also loves hosting the “Unsealed” podcast, and drumming when he can. 
Contact Me

I will be in touch soon! God Bless you in Jesus name!

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